River tour Simeto (two days)

Discovering the Simeto river by mountain bike the largest among the Sicilians rivers with a catchment basin of 4000 square kilometers and comprising the provinces of Catania, Enna and Messina. Rich in history and surprises, born under Maniace, by the confluence of the rivers Cutò, Hammer and Saracen who descend from the southern slope of Nebrodes Mountains and flows into the Ionian Sea.
In the river mouth, stopping along the shoreline, especially after a heavy storm, you can still collect amber, called simetite, a fossil resin known in prehistoric times and considered for a long time exclusive Simeto River.

To enjoy and rediscover the beauty of this place, highly suggestive, we thought realize a guided tour with the possibility of soft trails for beginners or more technical experts bikers, you can decide based on your experience or need.
The tour that we have designed for you, it will be a mix of emotions for a period of two days, with departures from ‘Agriresort Tenuta Giarretta enchanting scenery in an atmosphere of unspoiled beauty, from which you will find hospitality and comfort during your stay.

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The program.
First day: Arrival at “Agriresort Giarretta Tenuta” around 8:30 am, and accommodation at the hotel.
9.30: Briefing.
10.00: Departure for the tour along (choice of soft or medium / high difficulty, with the possibility to customize the route and difficulty) with packed lunch, expected return in the early afternoon.
Afternoon at leisure, opportunity to remain on site and access to services that it offers.
20.00: Dinner.
Overnight stay at the Tenuta Giarretta.
Second day: Breakfast and departure at 9.00 am from Tenuta Giarretta
for the short tour (only soft and without customization) to the discovery of ‘natural oasis Simeto.
Return at about 12.00.
Lunch at the hotel.
Greetings and end of the Tour.

Complete tour guide, hospitality € 125.00 *
Complete Tour Guide, MTB **, hospitality € 160.00*

The hospitality at the ‘”Agriresort Giarretta Tenuta” includes:
First day packed lunch, dinner (complete) and overnight stay at the property;
Second day breakfast and lunch (full).
The extras are to be considered outside of the package tour and will be subject to the rates charged by the property.

* Prices are each person and for at least 2 participants.
** MTB 26 diameter wheel and front suspension, model Bottecchia 111 or RR 5.3.