Discounts and general info on our services and PROMOTIONS

Etna Mountain Bike Excursion
2 September 2017


1) 20% discount on all Bike Tour services and MTB, half day and full day, all inclusive visible in the Sicily and Etna Bike Tours in Promotion section, with a minimum of 2 participants, exclusively on online bookings (by email and telephone contact) and at least 15 days before the date chosen for the tour.

This discount can not be used by tour operators, accommodation or tourist facilities of any kind.

2) Discounts for: Tour operators, accommodation, tourist facilities of all kinds, contact us for more information.

The discounts can not be cumulated.

In the case of an individual participant

Sicily Bike Tourist Service, gives the possibility to book exclusively, one of our bike tours, simply paying a small Plus, the price for a single participant (with exclusive reservation) is always well specified within our tours in the Sicily and Etna Bike Tours in Promotion section.

In any case this solution is not applicable to all online tours, for further information please contact us.

What the Promotion tours include (Sicily and Etna Bike Tours in Promotion)

Each tour is inclusive of pick-up service (where specified), certified cycling guide, bicycle, helmet, wind jacket, backpack, energy kit (more details on what the energy kit includes, are specified in the description of each bike tour service, in the Sicily and Etna Bike Tours in Promotion section).

Further Info and Reservations

All our tours are only with exclusive and private booking, even for a single customer; our excursions and bike tours are designed “AD HOC” to meet all the needs of our customers, for this reason we do not run excursions and cycling tours for groups of people unknown to each other.

We remember that our MTB and Cycling Tours excursions, can be provided every day including Sundays and holidays (even for a participant only), a 50% plus on the final price will be applied on holidays.

No cycling tour service is available on the following days: Christmas, New Year, Easter and 14/15/16 August (unless otherwise agreed with our staff).

Participation in our tours is open to all adults who enjoy good physical condition, the guys minors 18 years (over 16 years) must be accompanied by an adult (parent or whoever takes his place), for the guys minors 16 years, contact our staff.

The bikes used on loan for use for our excursions and bike tours, are delivered in excellent condition and in the same condition must be returned after the excursion, the damage caused by customers will be charged at the end of each service.

It is possible to book our bike tours with only 18 hours notice, for a maximum of 4 participants using the Pick-Up service, and 7 participants without Pick-Up service.

With a minimum notice of 72 hours, we can easily organize cycling tours or bike tours for larger groups.

For online reservations is required to pay a minimum deposit of 30% by bank transfer or PayPal. It should be noted that the costs related to bank commissions and fees for bank transactions are exclusively borne by the client, including commissions for transfers of money from extra UE countries applied by our bank, under no circumstances can commissions be shared.

In these cases, we suggest to use the PayPal channel, through which we will not charge commissions on our part for the transfer of money.

For last minute bookings (without advance payment) the meeting place and departure is exclusively our Catania office.

The accommodation facilities that want to book our services for their customers, after contacting our staff for checking availability, can simply send an e-mail indicating the personal data of the customers, room number and booking confirmation.

For more information please contact us.


The communication of cancellation of the tour by the customer, must be communicated to the company Sicily Bike Tourist Service, necessarily at least 48 hours before the date chosen for the tour by bike, by e-mail and prior telephone communication. The lack of a written communication will allow Sicily Bike Tourist Service to retain the full amount of the advance, if it had been paid.

The repayment of the advance paid, will be assessed individually for each case (only for really valid reasons and if the client is in the condition of not being able to take part in the excursion due to an unexpected and unpredictable event that can be demonstrated), in each case will be charged bank charges, transaction fees and any fiscal taxes.

In case of bad weather conditions, an additional date will be established to be agreed with our staff according to availability, if the client is unable to give the availability for another day and in case he had already paid an advance, we commit to return the sum paid, we will hold back

bank charges, transaction fees and any tax charges.

In case of our problem, that does not allow us to run the bike service booked, we pledge to return in full the amount of the advance (if paid, in this case will not be retained by Sicily Bike Tourist Service, taxes and bank charges) or at the discretion of the customer reserve another day for the cycling excursion, subject to availability.

Fiscal Receipt or Invoice

At the end of each tour or cycling excursion, only after payment, we will issue a fiscal receipt or electronic invoice (if previously requested), we will forward it electronically and send a copy of courtesy.

Our bike tours are all covered by RC insurance, as required by current regional regulations.


It is not allowed to trace, record and save the itineraries of our bike tours through digital GPS devices or mobile phones, and it is absolutely forbidden to disclose GPX tracks or similar of our tours, through any type of online platform (social and websites).