Stand up Paddle

SUP The Stand Up Paddle (SUP), is an aquatic activity, which consists in “walking” on the water paddling,
standing position, with a paddle on a surf board specially designed.
It is the meeting point between the Surf and Canoe, from the first takes the characteristic of sliding on the water standing on a table, the second sport inherits the paddle as a propulsion system.
The activity of SUP is organized and directed by Franco Russo, Federal instructor ISA (*) Stand up Paddle (*) International Surfing Association.

Tours organized by the School & Club Stand Up Paddle Catania

  1. 1- “The Caves of Catania 1”: From Marina of San Giovanni Li Cuti to Central Station.Visit the cliff along the way to the Central Station, caves and seabed. Start/ Return, Km 4 – Travel time about an hour (*)
  2. “The Caves of Catania 2”: From the Lido Porticciolo Ognina to beach “La Risacca”. Visit the cliff along the path to the caves and the seabed. Start/ Return, Km 6 – Travel time approximately two hours (*)
  3. Lachea Island Tour:Visit the Archipelago and around the Sea overlooking Acitrezza and Aci Castello. Start/ Return, Km 5 – Travel time an hour and 30 minutes. (*)
  4. The Beach / Bay of Catania: A trip that allows you to see from the Sea the Sandy Coast, her Bathing establishments and Mount Etna. Start/ Return, Km 5 – Travel time an hour and 30 minutes. (*)

(*) The distance and travel time are indicative and are a function of the stages and the various stops well as time of paddling.
The tours are easy and for all, the only requirement is knowing how to swim. The trips along the fascinating Catanese coast, are not difficult, it only needs to have a good balance and familiarity with the SUP.
Excursions include:
Instructor / Accompanist – board, paddle, leash, jacket floating insurance coverage.
Rental Mute on request, to book the day before the Tour.
At least 4 participants.
Shuttle: service transfers on request, only to structures adjacent to Catanese, price on request.

 Possibility of organize other than trips from the program.
 Possibility of organize a training SUP before the trip, which lasted an hour, including equipment. At the Oliday Village” Cucaracha” Catania – Viale Kennedy 47, seat of the Centro SUP of Catania.Reservation at least one day before the Tour.
 The tours will be carried out in accordance with the favorable weather conditions and at the discretion of the instructor / tour leader.
Minimum age 14 years.
Only on reservation, ask your preventive.