Sicily Bike Tourist Service

was born from the twenty-year experience of Luca and Rossella, among the first in Catania to believe in Mountain Bike tours environmentally sustainable , who, linked in life and by love for their territory, founded this company in 2013 to offer customized cycling experiences ad hoc.
Sicily and Catania Bike Adventure - © Sicily Bike Tourist Service
Luca - © Sicily Bike Tourist Service

Luca, an old-fashioned explorer map and compass in hand

great mountain bike expert, he began his sporting career at the age of 16 riding Enduro motorbikes, for years he took part in off-road events and collaborated with newspapers and websites in the off-road sector. His energetic temperament and his hunger for exploration, together with his passion for off road, have been bringing him to the world of Mountain Biking for over twenty years.
Luca seems to have been born riding a bike and his knowledge of the territory and the many kilometers traveled by bike between paths, single tracks and the most evocative roads in Sicily, make him a true expert, capable of designing the tour ad HOC every time.

Over the years he has also entered the world of cycle tourism, reaching the pinnacle of his experience in cycling sector, all of which simply makes him a professional in the sector with extensive knowledge of on and off-road paths and great skill in accompany cycling groups.

The years he has spent managing groups (even very large ones) have made him increasingly flexible, able to immediately perceive the needs of customers and always ready to satisfy them, in order to make the experience unique, exclusive and unforgettable leads.

National Qualification obtained: Instructor and Mountain Bike Guide

Rossella in a few words is AuthenticTenacious

she also began her sporting career with the organization of off-road motorcycle events in 2006, but she became passionate about mountain biking and cycle tourism thanks to the love that Luca conveyed to her. From her bond with the territory and her desire to explore born the desire to embark on the path of walking experiences and outdoor tourism, obtaining the Trekking Instructor certification.

She loves paths and in particular she believes that each path unites stories from the past to the present, passing from local cultures to natural beauty. She has always been responsible for taking care of the administrative side of the company and is the main booking officer.

Rossella is intuitive, passionate and professional, always ready to respond to customer needs, but she is also flexible, courteous and skilled in managing requests and reservations, which she handles promptly and transparently.

Rossella - © Sicily Bike Tourist Service
Stefania - © Sicily Bike Tourist Service

Stefania is Charismatic Enterprising tour guide

defined as the icing on the cake, she has recently joined the team.
She approaches the world of bikes thanks to Luca, who involves her riding their Tandem, between one ride and another, they experiment with a truly special type of tour, through which they lead the participants through the streets of Catania, showing the city with enthusiastic eyes of a father and daughter.

Stefania obtains  touristic operator diploma, but her determination and desire for ambition lead her to study to obtain tour guide’s license, she loves languages and deals conducting  in an engaging way groups and individual participants, giving them moments of joy and relax.

She is passionate about her city and in just a few years she has developed a knowledge of the area that sets her apart.